Am I Pregnant? No, that’s just Progesterone.

Okay, so of all the medications that you are put on for infertility treatments, progesterone is by far the worst. It is an asshole that gives you constant false hope, you know that “hey maybe this could be it” to an explosive period. Yeah, I said it. Ugh.

The doctors at my fertility clinic put me on progesterone suppositories after each IUI because…well…I am not sure. Probably to “build up my uterus” or something. That is what I am assuming. Well anyway, two days after the inseminations, I start this awful drug. Before I begin, let me just say that Progesterone is actually really important for pregnancy and you need a lot of it when you actually do get pregnant. However, when you take it for infertility treatments, it is the exact same symptoms as pregnancy. Sore boobs? got them. Tired? Can’t move. Bloated? I’ve gained 5 pounds, thanks for asking. Emotional? I don’t know maybe, I just cried at a puppy commercial but that could be anything.  Period Late? Actually yes it is, but the doctor warned me it would be. MESSED UP. The PMS is 1000x worse than normal PMS. I cannot even begin to explain it. Your period will always be late as well, and as soon as you stop taking the progesterone, your period will come. And those cramps? I swear, its introducing me to what labor will feel like. I am not sure if there is extra lining or what, but damn….I swear it is probably the worst pain ive felt in a long time.
Long story short, Progesterone is a huge asshole that keeps you guessing, makes you think you’re pregnant, then bam gives you the worst period of your life!

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