My Wittle Fur Baby

I feel like I need to make a shout out to my first fur baby. She is the absolute love of my life, aside from my husband, and I am so glad we got her. In spring of 2017, I told my husband, if we are not pregnant by summer, we are getting a dog. It made sense because I am a teacher and I had off during summers. Well obviously we all know that I didn’t get pregnant, so Maggie was brought into our lives. My husband and I drove an hour away to a Golden Retriever breeder, where I saw her at only 7 seven weeks old. I knew from the moment I saw her, that she was mine. We brought her home that day on June 24.
Ever since then she has just made our lives so much better. She is playful, funny, loving…literally anything you could want in a dog. I am not saying that she filled the void that a child would, but she definitely has helped. I never had a dog growing up so this is my first time truly having a dog and raising one. It has been a dream.

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