New Month, NEW MEDS!

INJECTIBLES! I have graduated from only Clomid to now Clomid and injectibles. I truly never thought in my life that I would be here, but here I am, and its not as bad as I thought it was.
When the doctor informed that this was the next step after a third failed IUI, I was SO nervous. I did not know what to expect. For some reason, I thought injectibles made people crazy and hormonal and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with it. (I mean if something made me more cray than I was on Clomid, we were in trouble).  But I decided to dive head first because…well why not?  When I got the call from this special Pharmacy, they were like ok we have your order that’ll be $500. I was like damn, not even going to ease me into it. But alas, I paid and the next day it was like a hospital was delivered to my house.


What comes in this huge box is 7 needles, a pen, a box to put your garbage I guess, and a packet of directions that was like an inch thick. THANK GOD MY DAD IS A PHARMACIST because i called him probably 40-50 times in a 2 day span asking questions about how to take this damn drug. Thankfully, it seemed scarier than it was. The big day arrived where I had to inject myself and I was so nervous i was going to screw it up. Turn that dial to 75 and press the button in my skin for 10 seconds, and it was over. Besides some slight burning sensation, it was fine and thankfully i have had ZERO side effects.

Taking these meds are no joke. After every shot, you need to go to the doctor the next morning to get blood work and an ultrasound. Then based on those results, the doctor calls you that afternoon to tell you when to take your next dose. Those people really have it down to a science, and I actually really appreciate them all and how hard they work. I will keep you updated on how my results go!

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