TWW got me like…

When trying to conceive, the two week wait is the two weeks from when you ovulate to when you can take a pregnancy test. Usually 14 days past ovulation, its a 99% accurate positive or negative. However, most women never know when they ovulate but, I have know down to the hour – I think thats pretty cool.

Before I saw the fertility doctors, the two week wait was torture. I would analyze every symptom and google it for reassurance. My boob hurt for 1 minute…could I be pregnant? My obsession for every little cramp, twinge, and pull in my uterus became so overwhelming! I was driving myself crazy to always get a negative test.

Now, after 19 negative pregnancy tests, I do not care about the symptoms…ESPECIALLY now that I am on the evil hormone progesterone. The extra Progesterone makes you bloat, boobs hurt, tired, moody, emotional….everything you can think of….which makes you believe that you could be pregnant. Then it also makes your period late too, until you stop taking it. Its not nice!

The real MVP in all of this is my poor husband. He deserves a medal for dealing with my mood swings. We could literally be sitting there and Ill either start crying or yelling for no reason, all the while thinking like this has to be the hormones, calm yourself. Then I would be fine 4 minutes later. I have to remember that he is on this roller coaster with me and it effects him just as much as it effects me. (emotionally, not physically) Without him, this journey would absolutely suck. When I am sad, he makes me happy. When I am anxious, he calms my nerves. When im hopeless, he gives me hope. He is just the best.

So to all my ladies out there in the two week wait…I am with you. We got this. Stay busy. Go for a walk or have a glass of wine, whichever you prefer 😛

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