The Thyroid is the HBIC

Yesterday, I had to go back to the endocrinologist for my routine check up on my thyroid. You know, that ridiculously important butterfly shaped organ that is in charge of all your hormones? Yeah, that one. Something that you really need in check if you’re trying to have a child. I literally had no idea the impact the thyroid has on your entire existence…physically, emotionally, mentally…everything. Even if your numbers are a little out of whack, you can feel like an entirely different person.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in June (2017) so only a few months ago. Before then though….basically the entire year before that…I knew something was off with me…especially from March until I saw the doctor in June. The exhaustion that I felt all the time was so intense, that I did not want to go to work. This may sound ridiculous, but my face swelled. I looked at my husband and I was like “Why do I look at a Telly Tubby? What is going on with me? Why am I gaining weight when I work out and eat great? Why am I exhausted ALL The time? Why are my cycles ranging from 28-48 days? (No, I am not joking…and you wonder why we were struggling to get pregnant lol). Even my mom asked me why my coloring looked terrible. I thought honestly it was from the stress of  trying to conceive. But thankfully after months and months of trying we went to a fertility specialist and she wanted to check my thyroid because the red flag for her was that my cycles ranged from 28-48 days. She was like…lets check ya thyroid.

Well, thank god she did, because my numbers were pretty bad. I had mentioned to her about the weight gain and the exhaustion and everything, and she was like well, it makes sense. I was kind of relieved honestly to have an answer of why I was ballooning, why my periods were so whacky, and why we weren’t getting pregnant. She diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and sent me to an endocrinologist immediately. This will be a lifelong treatment.

When she diagnosed me, I could not believe the effects that a non stable thyroid can have on your body and your chances of having a baby. I mean, of course there are always exceptions where women get pregnant with a shitty thyroid but she mentioned to me that if your thyroid isn’t stable, you have a high chance of not conceiving, and if you do, you have a high chance of miscarriage and fetal problems. LIKE WHAT?!?! So I kind of learned that day that even though we had been trying a year….our chances were pretty slim. I was relieved / pissed. The strangest feeling ever.

Being regulated now, I really do feel great. The weight is slowly coming off, my face deflated, and I feel less tired (I mean I am a teacher and that’s exhausting but no where near what I was feeling ha) I highly recommend people  getting their thyroid checked out if they are feeling off or anything. It could really make the biggest difference. 🙂 Especially when trying to conceive!

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