New Year, Same Meds

Happy New Year Everyone! I decided to take a break from life and wait until after the holidays until I posted my updates. And well, based on the title and the amazing picture that I cannot stop giggling at, you guessed it, not pregnant.

I got my period Christmas morning. CHRISTMAS MORNING. Like, thats mean. I kind of knew it was going to happen, but whatever. I woke up, went to the bathroom, and laughed. That was my Christmas present. However, I was okay. Based on the IUI numbers and our chances, I totally expected a negative. I was also okay because my husband and I had an awesome conversation about our next steps. It made me feeling better making a decision. I was also okay because I started drinking immediately which gave everyone the hint to not ask questions 😛

Joe and I went to NY for Christmas to see our families for the holidays. On our way up on that awesome 7 hour drive, we made the decision that if this IUI did not work, we were going to move on from it. I brought it up to him and to my surprise he agreed with me right away, which just was a weight being lifted off my shoulders. IUIs definitely work for some women, but for most, they don’t. Even my doctor was like “don’t get discouraged, 20% of women get pregnant in 3 months with IUI”. So – do get discouraged / accept that this prob wont work? thanks Doc! Anyway, we made the decision to move on to IVF. Where doctors actually go in, get my egg, get his boys, put them in a dish, and then put them back inside me. Your chances go up to 60-70%. I like those odds.

Making the decision to move on was so amazing, yet gave me anxiety. Invitro-fertilization is scary for so many reasons but I think it is the best option if you want a child. Yeah I will be spending my child’s college fund trying to conceive it, but it will be worth it. That kid will drown in student loans like I am. But not only the cost (which I am guessing anywhere between 10-15k), but the struggle I will go through mentally, physically, and emotionally with all of the medications to grow all 15 of my follicles will probably be insane. Oh, my poor husband. I feel sorry for him already. Yes, it will be expensive. Yes, I will be a psycho path. Yes, it may not work. But honestly, I think this is the best chance we have. I made a doctors appointment on January 10 for the IVF consultation. I am so excited and already making a list of questions to ask. We are ready to move on from the BS that is IUI.

NEW YEAR PEOPLE. 2018 is my year. I will get pregnant this year,  I feel it. It may be with 3 kids at once, but I do not care at this point!

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