New Years Resolution: Lose to Gain

As I sit here, snowed in for the 5th day in a row (Virginia – invest in a plow), bored out of my mind, I start reflecting on the new year and the “resolutions” that people make. I have made countless resolutions that never lasted just because they were so unrealistic and I was dumb. But obviously the most common ones are to lose weight, quit drinking or smoking, or start going to the gym. My gym is PACKED January 2 and then empty by February. Pretty standard. However, I am going to make a resolution this year. And I will sound like the most basic person you have ever talked too.

I cannot make the resolution that I will get pregnant in 2018, because well, you never know what is going to happen (even though I have a good feeling that I will). However, I am going to make the resolution to get healthier and live a healthier lifestyle…mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am pretty physically healthy and I work out when I can, but when my thyroid basically died, I did put on 15 pounds overnight. (remember – I thought I looked like telly tubby?) I always thought that I should actually put in the effort to lose it ( instead of saying I want to lose weight then go eat a bowl of brownie batter) but I didn’t because I was stressed about TTC and fertility meds DO NOT HELP the process of losing weight. Clomid and Progesterone make you bloat like NO OTHER to the point where it is painful. However, I am currently not on any medications (taking a couple months off) and I think its really time to just get the weight off. I mean, it can’t hurt, right? So, there’s that. Also, my friends and I are all doing this together so it will be way easier – thanks guys 😛

I am also vowing this….more so than losing some weight….to be healthier mentally and emotionally. Being nicer to myself. Not getting crazy about trying to have a baby. Letting go of this process and accept what is. Now actually typing that out sounds all well and good but damn it is going to be so much easier said than done. With my anxiety and ocd tendencies, let’ see how that goes – but hey I’ll be nicer to myself if I mess up 😛 It will a great year, I will turn 29, and I have a great feeling I will get pregnant. I’ll lose some weight and be a better me…ew I am such a basic cliché it hurts. don’t judge me!

I’m also gonna vow to not be all talk and actually DO what I say I am going to do. So everything above will actually happen. Happy New Year 🙂

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