The shortest road of anyone’s life!

Two things: One: if you don’t know where that picture is from we wont get along. (j.k) but not really. And two: I am literally starting the IVF process in 3 days. What in the ever living fugggggg?!?!?!

So my husband and I went to the IVF coordinator today just to like chat about what to expect, medications (mother of god there’s 1000), side effects, signing our lives away, typical Wednesday. And I mentioned to her that my period should start Friday / Saturday and she was like well would you want to start this month, and I was like UM YES LETS DO THIS. So, ITS LITERALLY HAPPENING. I AM STARTING THE IVF PROCESS THIS WEEKEND.

I ain’t gonna lie. This is going to be brutal. I mean damn, people get pregnant for free all the time with no issue. And I have to turn into a 400 pound Hulk monster with baseball sized ovaries. I don’t care anymore because I actually have great hope this will work eventually. It sucks trying to be excited and also cautious at the same time. Almost 2 years of trying and I have never had hope like this, but also it sucks because OF COURSE you never know what could happen and It could not work for us. I don’t know. If doctors are optimistic, than I am. Its a real fun war that is happening in my head rn. BE EXCITED THERE IS A GREAT CHANCE IT’LL WORK vs. NO, REMEMBER HOW NOTHING WORKED IN THE PAST? lol just another Wednesday.

Here we go ❤ I will keep you updated on all events!

Week One: birth control (to suppress all hormones)

Week Two-Three: injections everyday and ultrasound/bloodwork every other day

Week 3.5 – egg retrieval!!!!!! ❤

Week 4 – implanting of embryos (hopegully there are a lot of healthy ones!

Week 5.5 – preggo testtttttttttttt

This little schedule I just made you is the bare bones of what I will actually be going through. So many medications. So many appts. this wont be easy. But it’ll be worth it!

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