IVF Injections Countdown: 4 days

…..I start injections in four days. Four. 4. Four. I know, as if repeating myself will change anything but its four days. For the last 10 days or so, I have been on the birth control pill, I guess to suppress any hormone activity and give my body a chance to be on a schedule that works for the treatment center. Well, I took my last pill today…and I have my three-four hour appointment at the center on Thursday (2/5/18). Apparently I will be there for a long time for initial blood work, ultra sound, and going over the medications. This will probably be the longest appointment through out the entire process (aside from the surgery)

Well speaking of medication, the HUGE box that was delivered to my house was the most overwhelming thing I have ever seen. I thought doing 3 total injections was bad, this is going to be 3 injections daily for 8-10 days. The amount of medication sitting on my dining room table / in my refrigerator is absolutely insane. It was an actual pharmacy that was delivered. I mean its scary to look at, but having injections in previous months (GONAL – F for an IUI) I know it wont be awful. However this is 100x the amount of medication. Will I have those intense headaches? probably. Will I turn into the Hulk if a student forgets a pencil? More than likely. Will I gain weight? was literally the first thing the doctor warned me of, so yes dammit. Will it be a lot to deal with and uncomfortable? I am sure of it, but I can do ANYTHING for 8 days, especially to have a child. I will power through whatever is coming my way.

Here is a little side note – the medication cost was about $9,000. I got the most amazing beautiful call from the Pharmacy in NJ and they said INSURANCE WAS COVERING HALF. The tech was literally like, we never see this, this is so unusual ESP from Tri Care, and I am going to send you everything and charge you now before anyone asks questions. She was looking out and I couldn’t have had appreciated it more 😛

Anyway back to what I was talking about. I am so ready to do IVF. I have never been this excited or hopeful in our journey to become parents. I never ever felt like this for IUIs, ever. IUIs have shitty chances, just like conceiving naturally. (and yes of course women get pregnant when they sneeze or IUI works for them, but statistically its shitty.) I am also terrified of being so excited because the let down if it doesn’t work will be 100x worse than IUI because I kind of am expecting it to work. My head and my heart are constantly battling each other like in my heart and my gut, i know it’ll work, but my head is like slow down betch you really never know. I guess were going to have to see.

Let this journey begin! and You can count on me to be brutally honest about the whole process just in case you may have to go through the same thing one day 😛

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