My Sanity after 5 days of IVF Medication

Today is Monday – and what a Monday it has been. I had an ultrasound this am – and I could not control my anxiety. All morning (my dog jumps on our heads at 4:30) I was just thinking to myself: What if I didn’t respond? What if no eggs grew? What if too many are growing and they have to stop? (yes – this is a thing) Why am i driving myself crazy? What is a good amount? And so on and on…

Anyway I get to my appointment at 8 am and I get my blood work – which I never see the results to. I wish I did – but maybe it is good that I don’t have results to something because I would probably obsessively Google it. Anyway – then its time for the ultrasound. I was so nervous I could hear my heart beating? Is this necessary? Probably not but I also had 1000x the normal amount of estrogen in me. So the doc rolls in and hes like okay lets get started. First thing he said was “full bladder much” im like im nervous doc, this is what happens. Next he goes over to my right ovary and hes like “Well, it looks like this one has woken up” and he begins to just count and count so many follicles. I think there were a total of 7 or 8 follicles, I cannot remember. They were also all ranging 8-10mm. Which is great for day 5. (*Side note: For ovulation to occur, follicles usually have to be between 19-20mm) Then he moves over to my left and same thing, he counted 5 follicles ranging from 8-10mm.

See, I thought that maybe the numbers could be better, but the doc said this was amazing. I have about 13 or 14 follicles growing strong. (obviously each month, women normally have only 1) and he said at retrieval (surgery to get the eggs) I should have about 10 eggs. That’s pretty great – I am excited about this. This is good news. So many potential follicles. WOOT

Okay – So im going to be honest here. These medications are truly no big deal. I had one moment where I cried and some times I get a minor headache…but damn from what you read about…I was prepared to feel insane. I mean granted – I am only on day 5 and it could take some more time, but I thought for sure that I would feel out of my own body insane. Well – definitely not the case. However, I definitely do have cramps from my ovaries growing so fast – that is literally it. This process is definitely not as scary as it seems at all. I feel normal for the most part with some moments of me saying “ok this is because of the hormones” . 🙂

My next appointment is Wednesday – hopefully we will have more answers!

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