So, its been about 11 days since I have been on medication. I started on Thursday Feb 8 and today is Sunday Feb 18. The last 10 days have been fine – the injections are truly not that bad…I did not have many side effects at all (I was told i may feel weepy). That is until I hit day 10 of meds. Based on my ultrasounds, my ovaries are the sizes of two oranges, and I AM SO SORE. And because they are so big – it pushes down or moves other organs and my lower back is in so much pain now too. However – it is almost over. Tuesday is my egg retrieval at 6:30am!!!

That’s all I really have to say – my ovaries are so big b.c I reacted so well to the medicine. I have 18 follicles growing on my right ovary and more than 10 on my left. It is insane to look at on the ultrasounds. THEYRE SO BIG. AND I FEEL IT. It feels like terrible period cramps. Honestly though – if this is all I will feel then its worth it!!!! I will keep you updated on the egg retrieval!


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